General Information

General Information

Getting to Casablanca

Mohammed V International Airport is the busiest gateway to the country and is well-connected to Europe.

The most efficient way to get from the airport to Casablanca is to take the ONCF train. The airport train station name is Aéoport Mohamed V, located at the airport base level. The trains depart hourly to the city starting from 04:00 am to 23:45 pm.


The official language of the Conference is English. In Casablanca, classic Arabic is the official language but French and English are also spoken widely.


Casablanca has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. The cool Canary Current off the Atlantic coast moderates temperature variation, which results in a climate remarkably similar to the one of coastal Los Angeles, with similar temperature ranges. The highest and lowest temperatures ever recorded in the city are 40.5 °C (104.9 °F) and −2.7 °C (27.1 °F), respectively.


The official currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (Dh). Compare your currency to the Moroccan Dirham through this currency converter.

ATMs are widely available in Casablanca.

Visa Requirements

Visa regulations depend on your nationality and country of origin. We suggest you contact your local Consulate for official instructions on the specific visa regulations and application procedures that may apply to you. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa if required.

Please note that your passport must be valid for six months following the date of entry.

Official Letter of Invitation

An official personalized letter of invitation will be provided to participants upon request. This invitation is prepared solely for the purpose of visa applications and is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide any financial support or confirmation of inclusion in the Scientific Program.


If you bring any electrical appliance to Casablanca, you may need a power plug adapter to fit the Moroccan electrical receptacles. The standard voltage in Casablanca is 220 V and frequency is 50 Hz, you may need a converter to change the voltage and the frequency.

Guest Attendance Policy

All event activities (including educational sessions, meal functions, exhibition hall, etc.) are exclusively reserved for registered attendees. Non-registered guests (including children, family members, colleagues, etc.) are not allowed in any of the event areas. Badges provided at registration are required for entrance into all functions and will be strictly enforced.

Safety and Security

Please do not leave bags or suitcases unattended at any time, whether inside or outside the session halls. Hotels strongly recommend that you use their safety deposit boxes for your valuables.

Liability and Insurance

The Conference Secretariat and Organizers​ cannot accept liability for personal accidents or loss of or damage to private property of participants. Participants are advised to take out their own personal travel and health insurance for their trip.

Conference Abstracts

EMARIS 2019 abstracts will be published in the Oman Medical Journal.

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